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    TNT creates a comprehensive process for involving neighborhood residents, businesses, and organizations in planning for their neighborhoods. It identifies and builds upon community assets, and develops workable plans and priorities for our neighborhoods. The plans direct the City's resources in the most important areas in the most cost-effective way. This process strengthens the democracy that is critical for a healthy city, improves the quality of life in our City, and builds the capacity for our City to solve problems and create a desirable future.


    TNT is composed of eight Area Planning Councils: six neighborhood-based, one Downtown and one Lakefront. The six neighborhood-based areas are organized according to natural geographic boundaries, and include at least one business district, a city park, at least one city school, and 4-7 identifiable neighborhoods. The neighborhood Area Planning Councils are democratically organized and use methods of public participation that are open to all stakeholders in the area. The Downtown Area Planning Council consists of the Downtown Committee, residents of Downtown, the City, and Downtown businesses. The Lakefront Planning Council includes members of the Lakefront Development Corporation, area residents, and businesses.


    The Neighborhood Planning Councils consist of a resident majority (51% or more) as a core of its members. The rest of the membership may consist of other neighborhood stakeholders, including Common Councilors, institutional representatives, agency personnel, and businesses located in the area. Each existing neighborhood association is invited to have a representative seat on the Area Planning Council within which it operates.


    Each Area has created an asset-driven, five-year plan that includes a comprehensive vision, asset surveys, five-year goals, specific objectives, prioritized action plans that describe how barriers will be overcome, resource requests, and recommendations to City Departments.

    City Support

    The Division of Neighborhood Planning provides the staff support for TNT. Each Department (Public Works, Parks, Police, Fire, Neighborhood and Business Development, and Code Enforcement) are invited to reflect their response to the neighborhood action plans in their annual workplans and budgets.

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