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  • S.T.A.R. Exemption

    What is a STAR exemption?

    STAR stands for School TAx Relief. There are two types of STAR exemptions; Basic STAR and Enhanced (senior) STAR.


     What is the difference?

    The Basic STAR exemption or credit is available to all owner occupied residences. All new owners or first time applicants since March 2016 must apply directly to New York State to receive the STAR credit in the form or a check rather than a deduction in your property tax bill. All existing Basic STAR recipients can continue to receive the exemption on their City/School property tax bill. 

    The Enhanced STAR exemption is available to senior citizens over 65 on their primary residence who have a combined gross income less than $86,300 per year. First time applicants should register with New York State. Homeowners who have already been receiving the Basic STAR exemptions should contact this department to apply for the Enhanced STAR.

    To register for the STAR credit, contact the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance at (518) 457-2036 or visit

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