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  • Building Codes Review

    The Building Codes Review Division of Code Enforcement is responsible for the review of all construction plans submitted for a permit in the City of Syracuse. These plans are reviewed for compliance with New York State codes:

    Building Code 
    Existing Building Code 
    Fire Code 
    Mechanical Code 
    Fuel Gas Code 
    Property Maintenance Code 
    Plumbing Code 
    Residential Code of New York State (2015) 
    New York State Energy Conservation Construction Code (2015) 

    Staff is certified by the State of New York to review plans using the adopted Codes, NYS Energy Conservation Code, and, if referenced by the Code, NFPA, NEC, ANSI/CABO and others. The Department also utilizes Licensed Engineering Staff from the Department of Technical Services (Engineering).

    Additional Resources for Code Requirements:
    NYS DOS Division of Code Enforcement & Administration (DCEA) 
         • Sign up for E-Bulletins for updates from DCEA
    International Code Council  
         • Product Store  
    Climatic and Geographic Design Criteria:
                Frost Line: 42 Inches
                Wind Speed: 90 MPH(base) *shall be determined on site-specific basis
                Ground Snow Load: 50 PSF (+ drift)
                Climate Zone: 5
                Seismic Design Category: Default Site Class D *shall be determined from Section 1613.1 of Building Code of New York State
                Flood Hazard: Based on FIRM Maps (May 15, 1986). Also see Section 1612 of the building code.

    Please check with a professional engineer or architect if you are uncertain about the applicable code and design criteria.

     Code Enforcement Permit Desk:
    Location:     Central Permit Office
    201 East Washington Street, Room 101
    Syracuse, NY 13202
    Free parking for up to 2 hours is available for customers using the Central Permit Office.
    Hours:   Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Phone:   (315) 448-8600
    Fax:   (315) 448-8615
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