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  • Creekwalk in the News
    Syracuse officials seek ideas for extending the Creekwalk to Kirk Park

    City planners will conduct three community meetings beginning this week to solicit ideas for the proposed extension of the Creekwalk from Armory Square to West Colvin Street, near Kirk Park. . . . Read more. 
    How should next leg of Onondaga Lake hiking trail be built? Mahoney sets public meeting
    A public meeting is scheduled for 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. April 8 in the Destiny USA skydeck, on the sixth floor of the mall. The next phase will take the loop trail along the southwestern section of the lake, from the state fairgrounds to the Syracuse Creekwalk. . . . Read more.
    Syracuse's 'Lake Lounge' to give public scenic views of Onondaga Lake

    The city of Syracuse is getting a $720,000 state grant to build a public access area providing spectacular up-close views of Onondaga Lake. . . . Read more. 
    And the winner for the Creekwalk sign is...
    – By Marnie Eisenstadt/ readers' choice for the logo on 20 signs along the Creekwalk was Option 2, which shows a composite rendering of the Syracuse skyline. . . . Read more.  
    Help design the new signs for the Creekwalk
    – By Marnie Eisenstadt/
    Syracuse and Onondaga County are going to order 20 new signs for the Creekwalk and they want you to help decide which logo design they should use. . . . Read more.  

    Here's the lastest on construction on I-690 in Syracuse – By Teri Weaver
    And there's even better news: That means that by the end of October, all parts of Syracuse's Creekwalk will be open. . . . Read more.
    Brazilian Parade on the Creekwalk
    Syracuse gets a taste of Brazil as the 26 performers of Maracatu Nação Estrela Brilhante and Nation Beat present maracatu, an Afro-Brazilian drumming and dancing performance. They perform as they parade along a portion of the Onondaga Creekwalk on their way to Armory Square. . . . View Video.
    NOexcusesSYR: Take an alternative tour of Syracuse, explore the city's hidden gems
    By Geoff Herbert
    Next is the beginning of the Onondaga Creekwalk, where we meet Walt, "the Loch West" Monster. The blue metal and wood serpent features a bench on its tail and a microphone in its nose that amplifies your voice through a speaker. . . . Read more.
    A walk through Syracuse shows signs of progress and hope: Your letters
    – By Charlie Gowing, Syracuse
    Then on to the start of the Onondaga Creekwalk behind the armory area, I head toward Onondaga Lake, passing SU’s School of Architecture and the start of the West Side Initiative. . . . Read more.
    The eagles of Onondaga: From Creekwalk, one magnificent view – By Sean Kirst/The Post-Standard
    The northernmost point of the new Onondaga Creekwalk, by Onondaga Lake in Syracuse, was all but deserted Tuesday afternoon. Deserted, as long as you weren’t talking about bald eagles. . . . Read more.
    Syracuse's Franklin Square named one of 10 'hip hangouts' that used to be an 'industrial wasteland'
    By Geoff Herbert,
    . . . Downtown Syracuse has also seen more activity since the Onondaga Creekwalk opened in late 2011, connecting Armory Square all the way to Onondaga Lake. . . . Read more.
    At last, the Creekwalk shows Syracuse is treating Onondaga Creek like it's an asset
    By Dennis J. Connors, Post-Standard contributing columnist
    For starters, did you know the creek was one of the reasons Syracuse was founded, a dozen years before the first shovel was turned to build the Erie Canal? And that three magnificent 19th century stone bridges still span the creek in the heart of downtown? . . . Read more.  
    Syracuse signs for Onondaga Creekwalk are put on hold, for now
    By Charley Hannagan/The Post-Standard
    Syracuse has put off plans to installs signs along the Onondaga Creekwalk this year to accommodate construction of a hotel in Armory Square . . . Read more.
    Syracuse photographer gets neat shots of green heron on Creekwalk
    – By David Figura/The Post-Standard
    . . . the pictures were taken at almost the end of the walk, just before it goes under the Conrail Bridge where the creek enters the lake. . . . Read more.
    A night run on the Creekwalk brings a question: What's your favorite running route?
    – By Sean Kirst/The Post-Standard
    At the start, near the paper, I ran past the folks in line and at picnic tables outside the Dinosaur, incredible scent of barbecue - as always - mingling with the music in the air, and then I went left and jumped onto the Creekwalk at Wallace Street. . . . Read more.
    City wants more people to experience what the Creekwalk has to offer
    "This is the sort of amenity that people are perhaps used to seeing in bigger cities. For us to have something like this here in Syracuse I think is really impressive and I think people should allow themselves that opportunity to be surprised by it,” said City Director of Planning and Sustainability, Andrew Maxwell. . . . Read more.
    Inner Harbor development gets OK from Syracuse Council
    By Jim Kenyon
    Councilors also wanted assurances the public would still have access to the inner harbor which has become a popular spot for concerts and nature walks. . . . Read more.
    A Sense of Place: Syracuse sets the stage for an intricate urban balletPost-Standard Editorial
    Last month, Connors led a “Creekwalk Crawl” along the 2.6-mile pedestrian greenway following Onondaga Creek from Armory Square to Onondaga Lake . . . Read more.
    Downtown Living tour set for next weekend –
    By Laura Hand
    The Downtown Committee is hoping for over 2,000 tour participants. Last year they had 1,900. The self-guided walking tours will include a stretch on the Creekwalk, which will feature strolling musicians . . . Read more.
    SU design students encourage Syracuse residents to "Explore Your Own Path" on Onondaga Creekwalk
    – By Charley Hannagan/The Post-Standard
    A Fourth of July celebration, a haunted walk along Onondaga Creek or a Polar Bear Creek Run to donate clothing to charity are just a few of the ideas Syracuse University students pitched today as ways to promote the Onondaga Creekwalk in Syracuse. . . . Read more.  
    SU students share ideas for Onondaga Creekwalk
    By Kat De Maria
    Signs, logos, events, guerrilla marketing and more for the Onondaga Creekwalk. Those are the ideas of a Syracuse University design class charged with bringing more people to the newly opened waterside path. Our Kat De Maria has more on their ideas, and how they could make a difference. . . . Read more.  
    VPA | Students create new branding for Onondaga Creekwalk – By Casey Fabris
    The 38 students, all juniors in the communications design program in the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University, have taken on the task of creating a campaign to give the Onondaga Creekwalk a facelift this semester . . . Read more.  
    Council to vote on historical signage along the Onondaga Creekwalk
    On Monday, the Syracuse Common Council will vote on approval of putting up historical signage along the walkway. . . . Read more.  
    Syracuse University students design signs, branding for city's Creekwalk
    – By contributing writer Julie McMahon/The Post-Standard
    The collaboration between the city and SU benefits both sides, say those involved. The city gets high-quality design consultation without having to hire an outside agency, students practice their trade in a realistic setting and the community gets a boost from the Creekwalk revitalization project, said Andrew Maxwell, the city’s director of planning and sustainability. . . . Read more.
    The Onondaga Creekwalk: Blossoming with the spring
    – By Sean Kirst / The Post-Standard
    It works. That’s the highest praise for any project in downtown Syracuse, and it certainly applies to the new Onondaga Creekwalk, a 2.6-mile greenway from Armory Square to Onondaga Lake. During Thursday’s lunch hour, dozens of walkers and joggers came and went from the trail through a Herald Place access point. . . . Read more.
    City-sponsored SU class to help redefine Creekwalk – By Neil Benjamin Jr.
    While the Creekwalk still has a ways to go before it is exactly how the city wants it, a class from Syracuse University -- Design Project Management -- has begun taking huge steps toward revitalizing something the students feel is a vital part of the region. . . . Read more.  
    Burgers on the Creekwalk? – City Scuffle by Walt Shepperd
    For Glen Lewis, a successful idea has many parents. Lewis, according to Andy Maxwell, is the Planning Guru of the city’s Parks Department. Maxwell oversees the municipal Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. Together they provide the point where the buck stops on the Creek Walk, one of Syracuse’s most successful ideas, they both agree. . . . Read more.  
    Wonderful Wednesday
    – Photos from The Post-Standard
    Runner in shorts taking advantage of warm temperatures on the Onondaga Creekwalk, Syracuse, NY. . . . See more.  
    Syracuse's Destiny USA-Carousel Center adds a new connecting point on its ring road
    By Bob Neidt/The Post-Standard
    Drivers will have to stop at signs by the new section of the Creekwalk, which winds past that outer parking lot as it heads toward Onondaga Lake. . . . Read more.  
    A native sculptor and his shoreline dream for a sacred lake
    – By Sean Kirst/The Post-Standard
    . . . One Huff sculpture, a stone tower incorporating native images, already stands at the Zen Center of Syracuse, along Onondaga Creek. That leaves Huff wondering if the northernmost tip of the new Creekwalk, near the lake, might be a logical place for the canoe. . . . Read more.
    Beavers damage Creekwalk trees
    Several trees near the Hiawatha Boulevard portion of the walk and toward the end, near Onondaga Lake, have been gnawed substantially and stripped of their bark. . . . View the video.  
    Syracuse officials a little surprised to see damage done by beaver along Onondaga Creekwalk
    – By Elizabeth Doran/The Post-Standard
    Several of the trees along the creekwalk between the Hiawatha Street bridge and the end of the trail at Onondaga Lake have been gnawed, resulting in what looks like huge gouges in some of the trees. Others have had portions of their bark stripped off. . . . Read more.
    Photos of the Day: February 7, 2012
    Bonnie Misch, (front wearing pink), Sue Stappenbeck of Cicero at left and Peggy Sherman of Baldwinsville, walk the creekwalk south, past Franklin Square Monday morning . . . see photo.
    Your Stories Question: When will the Creekwalk path be clear of snow?
    Viewer spotted two eagles near Creekwalk the other day and wanted to know if he would be able to observe them from the trail this winter. . . . Read more.
    Take off the blinders and notice the good things –
    Post-Standard Readers' Page
    . . . Sunday was such a lovely day that my husband and I also opted to go for a bike ride. We started to cruise the Creekwalk – this is a lovely urban pathway that starts in Armory Square and goes to the Inner Harbor and beyond. The Creekwalk had so many people walking along it that we thought it best not to venture along it with our bikes for safety reasons (both ours and the pedestrians). . . . Read more.
    Annual Resolution Run kicks off –
    YNN News
    The four to six mile run winds through Syracuse’s Northside, with a champagne stop in the middle. This year, organizers also included part of the newly finished creekwalk into the running route. . . . Read more.
    Things to do over winter break in Central New York
    – The Post-Standard
    Check out the new – and free! – Onondaga Creekwalk from Armory Square to Onondaga Lake. The Creekwalk is 2.6 miles long – challenge yourself to see how far you can go. . . . Read more.
    Creekwalk a great addition to downtown
    Post-Standard Readers' Page
    To the Editor, Recently on a beautiful Sunday morning, I had the pleasure of riding the mountain bike along the new Onondaga Creekwalk. All I can say is, wow! . . . Read more.
    2011-11-17 Syracuse New Times
    PEDESTRIAN CROSSING: See the city in a new way with a jaunt along the newly finished Onondaga Creekwalk – By Ed Griffin-Nolan
    It was a few minutes after 8 on a clear late autumn night, and the sun had been down for hours. I found a parking spot in Armory Square, stretched out for a few minutes and headed across West Fayette Street, following the yellow line that serves as the guide for the newest cool place in Syracuse. . . . Read more.
    2011-11-14 The Daily Orange
    Serpent sculpture slithers into downtown Syracuse, connects community – By Amanda Michelsen
    The sheet lifted, a pair of silver steel eyes stared out at the spectators. The eyes belonged to a thick, blue steel and wooden serpent with a head perched 12 feet high. Its body, broken into twisted and winding coils, disappears into the ground and reappears at the surface, with one flat coil serving as a bench. The Onondaga Creekwalk is not the only thing snaking through the city of Syracuse anymore. . . . Read more.
    Syracuse's new permanent resident, 'Walt' to be unveiled Friday in Armory Square – By Melinda Johnson/Post-Standard Arts Editor
    Once upon a time, a group of thinkers tinkered with shapes and forms for a public art installation. Eight months passed as the piece evolved from concrete bases, a skeleton of cedar boards and a “skin” of baby-blue steel. . . . Read more.
    Visit to new creekwalk reveals nice addition to city's features – Post-Standard Readers' Page
    To the Editor: Last weekend, the sunshine coaxed my wife and me to drive downtown and take a look at the new Onondaga Creekwalk that Mayor Stephanie Miner and associates recently announced as finally completed and open for walking and biking. The mayor and the city should be congratulated for this great addition. . . . Read more.
    2011-11-08 ERENGINEERING Engineering discovery at SUNY-ESF
    ESF's Diemont and Eco-Eng Students Install Rain Gardens along Creekwalk
    ERE’s undergraduate senior Eugene Law (right in photo) works with Kevin Pagini (background) and Meghan Hazer (left) prepare rain gardens along the Syracuse NY Creek Walk along Onondaga Creek. The gardens will be filled with plants next spring. . . . Read more.
    Bravo to Creekwalk, and a few suggestions –
    By Maureen Green
    The new Onondaga Creekwalk is a home run, the best use of asphalt I’ve seen in years. Beginning downtown and extending to Onondaga Lake, Creekwalk introduces a Syracuse you don’t know. . . . Read more.
    2011-11-01 The Daily Orange
    Creekwalk aids residents, transportation within city – By Veronica Magan
    Members of the Syracuse community celebrated the opening of the Onondaga Creekwalk, a public trail that connects Armory Square to Onondaga Lake along Onondaga Creek. Instead of celebrating the event with a traditional ribbon cutting ceremony, organizers inaugurated the Creekwalk by inviting residents to ride their bikes along the 2.6-mile trail Oct. 25. . . . Read more.
    Onondaga Creekwalk opens, connecting Armory Square and Onondaga Lake – By John Mariani/The Post-Standard
    Nearly five decades after it was first conceived and 11 years since work began in earnest, the Onondaga Creekwalk opened today, giving walkers and bicycle riders a broad new path by which they can trace a cleaned-up Onondaga Creek from Armory Square to Onondaga Lake. . . . Read more.
    2011-10-25 YNN
    Creekwalk officially opens
    By Iris St. Meran
    Armory Square Association President Tony Ortega said, "The Creekwalk, like the MOST, is another reason to visit Armory Square." That's news to the ears of Michael Licata, who recently opened Big Slims Grill, a few doors down from the Creekwalk. . . . Read more.
    Onondaga Creekwalk construction project
    Video by Nicholas Lisi/The Post-Standard
    The zoo has accounted for its residents. Yet, a head and a skeleton have surfaced in the landscape of an Onondaga Creekwalk median. . . . Read more.
    The foundation of the Syracuse Creekwalk: A saga of 'what-ifs' –
    By Sean Kirst/The Post-Standard
    Steve Buechner had a plan. It was 1964, and the Syracuse native intended to begin a new career in California after graduating from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. It didn’t happen that way. Bill Walsh, mayor of Syracuse, hired Buechner to work in the city parks department. . . . Read more.
    Onondaga Creekwalk nearing completion – By Maureen Nolan/The Post-Standard
    There’s no mistaking what’s going on at 221 Walton St. in Armory Square. Urban Outfitters is written all over the building renovation. Next door, guys in hard hats are laboring at another project that is harder to figure out. . . . Read more.
    Syracuse's creekwalk work back underway – it will connect Armory Square to Onondaga Lake
    By Dick Case/The Post-Standard
    The creekwalk of Syracuse is back. Again. We’ve been talking about this grand civic project for at least 45 years. Steve Buechner, a landscape architect with a full career behind him, tells me he first got the idea for a “creekwalk” in 1965 when he worked for Syracuse’s parks commissioner at the time, Jim Heath. . . . Read more.