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  • DPW - Frequently Asked Questions
    Why wasn’t my trash picked up today?
    > Is there anything out other than your normal weekly household garbage (i.e. medical waste, animal waste, yard debris, construction debris)? If any of these items are mixed with the set out it will not be picked up. You must remove the unacceptable debris from the curb.
    > Is there more than two (2) cubic yards of debris at the curb? Two cubic yards is the approximate size of a washer/dryer side by side). If there is an excessive set out nothing will be taken. You must break it down to an acceptable size. You are allowed three (3) thirty-gallon bags or cans per week. You may request bulk pick up of household items (old appliances, upholstered furniture, junk, etc.). You must call (315) 448-CITY (2489) one or two days before your normal pick up day to schedule. The total set out cannot exceed 2 cubic yards.
    > Do the bags/cans weigh more than 50 lbs? Are the bags frozen in the can or are the cans frozen to the ground or under snow?
    > Was your trash set out by 6:00 a.m.? If not, this is a late set out and we will attempt to get back to pick up. Call us at (315) 448-2489.
    Why was my blue recycle bin skipped?
    > Does the bin have an orange "oops" sticker on it? If it does then there is something in your bin that shouldn't be. If you cannot determine what is wrong with your bin, call us at (315) 448-CITY (2489) and we will try to help you.
    > Does the bin contain any unacceptable materials such as bottle caps or lids, cans or jars that have not been washed out, loose newspapers or paper-board, cardboard not broken down?
    > Was the bin out by 6:00 a.m.? If not, this is a late set out and we will attempt to get back to pick up.
    > Are items frozen in the bin?
    How do I dispose of extra bulk items?
    > You may request  bulk pick ups of up to 2 cubic yards of debris per pick up. You must call (315) 448-CITY (2489) one or two days prior to your regularly scheduled trash day. Do not set anything extra out to the curb before contacting us. Bulk items are picked up on your trash day and must be set to the curb at that time only.
    > Bulk household items include but may not be limited to:
        1. Upholstered furniture
      2. Mattress and box springs
      3. Bed frame
      4. Books
      5. Old clothes
      6. Paint cans (must be empty and in garbage bags)
    > Construction/demolition debris and yard debris – brush, limbs, leaves, grass clippings are not to be set out with your weekly household trash (see the Syracuse Services Brochure or call (315) 448-CITY (2489) for a seasonal pick up schedule).
    >   Hazardous/Unacceptable items include:
        1. Propane tank -- we will not pick up. Contact the distributor.
      2. Shopping cart -- we will not pick up. Call the store where it came from to pick up.
      3. Small motors with gas and oil in them.
      4. Solvents, gasoline, paint, thinners
      5. Insecticides and pesticides
      6. Acids, caustics, poisons
      7. Asbestos
      8. Explosives
      9. Human or animal remains
    10. Televisions, Monitors, and Electronics

    Click here for information concerning the disposal of the above listed materials - - Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency .  
    My trash can was taken/damaged by the crew.
    > Property owners are responsible for trash cans that are broken due to normal wear and tear (wind blowing around, cracking from cold weather conditions).
    > If you believe your trash can was damaged due to negligence of the sanitation crew you may file a claim with our Law Department. Call (315) 448-8400.
    My driveway was damaged by a plow/payloader.
    > If the City damages your driveway apron we will make repairs. Fill out the on-line service request form  or call us at (315) 448-CITY (2489).
    > If it is determined that the City did not cause the damage, the property owner would be responsible to make the repair. If there is a dispute over the City's determination, the property owner would then have to file a claim with our Law Department, (315) 448-8400.
    My lawn was dug up by the plow/payloader.
    If the city damages your lawn we will make the repair in the spring. Fill out the on-line service request form or call us at (315) 448-CITY (2489).
    What can I do about my neighbor who always puts his/her garbage out late every week causing it to sit there all week?
    Trash out at any time other than your normal trash day is considered an illegal set out. Click here or call us at (315) 448-CITY (2489) to report a violation. A Code Enforcement Inspector will notify the owner of the problem. If the owner does not comply the trash will be picked up and a fine will be levied.
    My neighbor's sidewalk is so broken up I am afraid someone will get hurt. What can I do?
    Fill out the on-line service request form or call us at (315) 448-CITY (2489) with the exact address of the problem. The walk will be inspected and an estimate will be sent to the owner. They are given the option of participation in the City’s sidewalk assessment program.
    The sidewalks in my neighborhood are never shoveled.
    What can I do?
    Give us the exact addresses where the walks go unshoveled. Property owners are required to maintain their sidewalks clear of snow and ice. Fill out the on-line service request form or call us at (315) 448-CITY (2489).
    What can be done about unlicensed, junk cars?
    Give us the location by calling us at (315) 448-CITY (2489) or by filling out an on-line service request form. You may also call our Police Ordinance Enforcement Office directly at (315) 448-8650.
    There are no curbs on my street. How can we get curbs installed?
    > Streets without curbs are "unimproved, dirt streets." This means that the street has no concrete base. It is just asphalt over a dirt base. Granite curbs must be set in a concrete base.
    > Concrete curbs can be put on an unimproved street at an approximate cost to the homeowner of $56.00 per linear foot. The total cost would depend on the amount of street frontage. Each homeowner on the street would need to agree to the improvement. The cost would then be assessed to each property owner's tax bill.
    > In rare instances concrete curbs can be set in front of a single property if the desire is great. The cost would be as stated above.
    > Asphalt curbs are sometimes used on unimproved streets to help with street drainage problems. The Street Repair Bureau will construct the asphalt curb where needed at no added cost to the property owner when it is warranted. Asphalt curbs or burms do not hold up and often have to be redone year after year.
    The cap on my sewer vent pipe is missing/broken.
    How do I replace it?
    Maintenance of the sewer vent pipe and cap is the responsibility of the homeowner. Caps can be purchased at most hardware stores (True Value) and home improvement stores (Lowes or Home Depot).
    Debris has fallen or has been dropped down my sewer vent pipe.
    What can I do?
    > Contact your plumber to remove the debris from the sewer vent pipe.
    > Purchase a new cap at your local hardware store or home improvement store.
    The sewer is backing up into the basement. What do I do?

    Call us at (315) 448-CITY (2489). A crew will come to your home to flush the outside vent and/or plunge the cellar drain. If this does not resolve the problem you will be instructed to call a plumber.

    Property owners are responsible for the sewer service lateral, including maintenance, and protection of the sewer vent riser and cap. The property owner is responsible for making arrangements with a drain cleaner and/or plumber to clear blockages. No cooking or automotive oils, or grease products should be disposed of down the sewer drain.

    Always set trash, leaves, yard waste and construction debris away from the sewer vent pipe for pick up.

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