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  • Demolition Permit Requirements

    The following items are required to obtain a permit for demolition:

    1. A copy of the asbestos survey
    2. Asbestos abatement letter
    3. Air Monitoring Certificate (final samples)
    4. Site specific insurance certificate, listing the City of Syracuse as additionally insured
    5. Site specific workers’ compensation insurance
    6. Onondaga County Health Certificate (the Onondaga County Health Department can be reached at (315) 435-6617)
    7. Department of Water charges $1000.00 PER WATER SERVICE (fire, domestic) REQUIRED TO BE KILLED. Application and payment must be made prior to any Demolition permit being issued for the water service "kill".
      Contact Kim Kelchner - Water Department (315)473-2609 ext. 238
    8. Project site review (Contact the Office of Zoning Administration at (315) 448-8640) (Only required for Commercial properties, or Residential properties of 5 or more units.)
    9. Hydrant permit (Contact the Department of Water at (315) 473-2609)


    If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact Brian Eisenberg, Vacant Property Coordinator at the Division of Code Enforcement, City of Syracuse at (315) 448-8695.


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