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    The Spirit of Syracuse

    Each person is needed and valued. Our community is safe, our children are educated, and we thrive economically. We live, work and play in a community that takes pride in our diversity and unity.

    The Southside is comprised of four unique residential neighborhoods: Southwest, Brighton, Strathmore, and Elmwood. The Southside is home to three of Syracuse’s most spacious parks. Onondaga Park which includes Hiawatha Lake, Kirk Park and Elmwood Park are all favorite recreation spots for neighborhood residents. Kirk Park is home to the Youth Enrichment Outreach Project and the Pop Warner Kirk Park Colts.
    Next Meeting: Monday, August 7th at 6:00 p.m. at South Side Innovation Center, 2610 S. Salina St.  
    Please note: In January will be meeting one week later than usual on Monday the 9th due to the New Year's Holiday.
    Agendas and Minutes are posted here.     
    TNT Southside Neighborhood Survey     
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    Clean Up 'Cuse is an annual effort to clean and beautify Syracuse. For more information, please call 448-8005 or click here.  

    Loans and grants available to eligible homeowners through Home HeadQuarters
    Home HeadQuarters is an independent non-profit organization, established in 1996, serving the city of Syracuse and Central New York through education for first-time homebuyers, financial and homeownership counseling, foreclosure prevention, real estate planning and development — and provides affordable home and energy improvement loans and grants to homeowners. Read more at and visit Home HeadQuarters at

  • 2010 Syracuse Housing Plan

    The 2010 Syracuse Housing Plan is available to download here.

    Syracuse Neighborhoods in Action
    Syracuse’s neighborhoods are the focus of a vibrant and involved citizenry. The City is as strong as the commitment and dedication of its leadership – from the Southside Neighborhood Action Group’s Block Captains to the volunteers who help clean our parks every Earth Day to the teachers who mold our future leaders and the Police and Firefighters who maintain our safety. The diverse associations throughout Syracuse add immeasurably to civic life and are constantly working to make Syracuse a better place to live, work, learn, play and raise a family.
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