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  • Syracuse LED Street Lighting Project   

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    Starting July 2019, the City of Syracuse will begin replacing all street lights in the city with new LED lighting fixtures.

    Crews will be moving through the city from south to north, covering all neighborhoods. They will change approximately 3000 lights per month during good weather.  The project will go on hiatus for winter 2019, then resume and finish during the 2020 construction season. When the replacement is complete, the City will have better, more consistent lighting city-wide, and will realize significant operational cost savings.

    The map below shows where crews will be working during the next two weeks, and where they have already completed work.  The map will be updated throughout the course of the project.

    At any time, you can report a street light outage or other issue by calling Cityline (315-448-CITY) weekdays from 8 to 5, or report online anytime at  Be sure to report the pole number and whether you’re calling about an old street light or a new LED light. Old “cobra head” style lights will have yellow or blue labels on the bottom of the light head, while new ones will have white labels. On a new “cobra head” light, one of the white labels will show the letters “LED” in large block type.  Old and new decorative lights will look the same, but be sure to provide the pole number and street address when you report an issue with a decorative street light.

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