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  • The Department of Law, headed by the Corporation Counsel,
    supervises and directs the legal affairs of the City of Syracuse.
    The Corporation Counsel provides legal advice to the Mayor,
    City Departments, and the Common Council, as well as
    representing City agencies, such as the Planning Commission
    and the Board of Zoning Appeals.
    The Department takes an active role in the City's economic
    development activities, public works projects, real estate
    transactions, ordinances, local laws, and all other public
    Susan Katzoff
    Corporation Counsel
    Joseph W. Barry III
    First Assistant Corporation Counsel 
    Lee R. Terry
     Senior Assistant Corporation Counsel
    Assistants Corporation Counsel:
    John C. Black Jr.
    Patrick R. Blood
    Catherine E. Carnrike
    Amanda R. Harrington
    Sarah M. Knickerbocker
    Todd M. Long
    Amelia McLean-Robertson
    Patrick J. Parkinson
    Danielle B. Pires
    Ramona L. Rabeler 
    Finney Raju
    Kathryn M. Ryan
    Meghan E. Ryan
    Danielle R. Smith
    Department of Law
    233 E. Washington St., 300 City Hall
    Syracuse, New York 13202 
    Phone: (315) 448-8400
    Fax: (315) 448-8381
    Service of papers or process via facsimile is not acceptable
     Helpful links: 
     New York State Bar Association
     The American Bar Association
     Onondaga County Bar Association
    If you have a pending housing case,
    please call: (315) 448-8400
    Questions? E-mail:
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