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     - Click HERE for 2020 Series Schedule
    -Registered Syrathoners can check mileage HERE (as of 7/29/20)  
    - NEXT Series Race:   Virtual Paige's Butterfly Run
      SYRATHON 2020 Update!
    This year’s Syrathon has been unlike any other. We appreciate your dedication to the event throughout these challenging times. With the remainder of the 2020 Syrathon races just down the road, we are pleased to announce that this year’s event is still proceeding! All registrants who want one will still receive a commemorative 2020 Syrathon t-shirt!!!   We are also providing the option to forego this year’s shirt and donate your entry fee to the Syracuse Parks Conservancy to help the Parks Department fund other park-related projects on a limited budget.

    There is still time... and enough available virtual miles... for many of you to complete the 26.2 miles necessary! Any 2020 Syrathon registrant who completes the requirements of virtual races and the free Bonus Miles (see below) according to the rules of each individual race will get credit for those miles toward the 2020 Syrathon Challenge. Those who do so and report their miles to the city will receive the coveted Syrathon medal! Details are still being worked out on how medals will be delivered and how to celebrate our accomplishments, but in the meantime, register for the upcoming 2020 Syrathon races and get those miles in. 

    The remaining races (all being done virtually) are:

    Paige’s Butterfly Run (August 15-20)
    Strathmore Parks Run (September 20)
    Eastwood (October 1-31)
    Inner Harbor (October 4).

    See the registration page for each individual race to participate

    Bonus Fun Runs:  In addition, as in past years, the Syrathon series will include bonus mile fun runs!  These free opportunities for bonus miles will also be done virtually, but can be completed anywhere in the city. Prior to September 20, you may complete one bonus run of up to 4 miles (in place of the Valley Run), and up to two more bonus runs of up to 3 miles each...for up to 10 bonus miles total!   A couple of ideas are to use the Onondaga Creekwalk path, or to visit Upper Onondaga Park on Saturday mornings during Strathmore Saturdays.  From 7am – noon, the Park roads are closed to vehicles.   Simply send us a note saying when, where, and how many miles you’ve logged! Deadline to submit: Sept 20.

    Please contact Chris Abbott ( at Syracuse Parks and Recreation regarding your shirt preference, mileage reporting and further 2020 Syrathon questions.

    The 2020 Syrathon is a project of the Syracuse Parks Conservancy, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is ensuring that all Syracuse parks, public lands and the habitats therein are sustainably protected, restored, enhanced and developed for the educational, recreational and wellness uses of our citizens and guests. Your Syrathon registration supports the Conservancy's efforts throughout the city and throughout the year. We thank you for your support!

    The Syracuse Parks Conservancy joins Syracuse Parks and Recreation, along with Presenting Sponsors  Fleet Feet Sports, the C&S Companies, Dannible & McKee, LLP, Hancock and Estabrook, LLP, and the Tipperary Hill Neighborhood Association, to again bring together now eight established road races, all based in the City of Syracuse, into this unique series. The Syrathon Race Series showcase s Syracuse's terrific Parks system and City neighborhoods, while challenging you to run your own, personal marathon over the course of 2020! Whether you are just beginning or are a seasoned runner, the Series is designed to encourage healthful physical activity year-round, while promoting the sights and sounds of city life!

    Syrathon is made possible by the support of its sponsors, and because of the tremendous support and efforts of the individual race committees. Each of the Series races are well-established because of the hard work and creative, thoughtful planning of individual race committee.  Each race has its own flavor, and the dedication of all race volunteers brings great benefit to respective city neighborhoods and to so many charitable causes.

    2020 Syrathon Challenge:  Become a Syrathoner! Sign up for, and complete enough of the Series races in 2020 to accumulate at least 26.2 miles and earn your Syrathon Medal!  Also, stop by the Syrathon table at each series race to enter the special Race Day Prize Drawing!   

    1. Register for the Syrathon Challenge:  Online Registration is now closed for 2020
    2. Sign-up for your Syrathon series races, according to the registration procedures set by each individual race!  For a list of races, click HERE
    3. Get out there and run your race!  We will track your miles throughout the year, based on finisher lists provided by the timing company!
    4. Accumulate at least 26.2 miles over the course of the Series, and earn the title of Syrathoner! 
    5. Have Fun!  Enjoy the City views!  And be proud of your year-long commitment to healthful physical activity!

      Rewards:  1) All who register will receive a Syrathon Race Shirt!  2) Free Race Day Prize Raffles... be sure to stop by the Syrathon Table at each race to enter the drawing! // 3) Syrathon Celebration Breakfast... following the Eastwood Run.  Check back for details! // 4) Earn your Syrathon Medal...accumulate 26.2 miles or more and earn the coveted Syrathon Medal!

    To be eligible for incentives, and for mileage tracking, you must be a registered participant! Online Registration is accepted until May 3rd or until filled!  Hurry, as registration may be limited! 


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