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  • Tree Placement and Spacing Standards

    Streets without Planting Strips (i.e. without sidewalks):
    Check with DPW for sidewalk or curbing plans.
    Locate trees as far as possible from road edge but no closer than 2 feet from Right-of Way edge.

    Streets with Planter Strips (and sidewalks) without curbs:
    Minimum planter strip width approximately 8' - varies with planting strip condition and width stability.

    Streets with Planter Strips, Sidewalks, and Curbs: 
    Minimum planter strip width 4'.

    Minimum Distances from Structures, Intersections, Utilities and other fixtures
    Curbing 2'
    Sidewalks 2'
    Driveways 8'
    Sewer lines 5'
    Water lines 5'
    Gas lines 5'
    Underground Electric or Cable lines 5'
    Fire Hydrants 10'
    Street Lights 25-35'
    Traffic Control Signs 30'
    Residential Street Intersections 30'
    Major Street Intersections 50' 
    Structural Walls 10'

    Tree placement with respect to Utility wires, conduit and poles
    Street Side wires (pole to pole): only low growing trees will be planted under electrical wires
    Utility Service wires (pole to house): 3' minimum offset.
    Utility Poles: 10' minimum offset
    Underground conduit/cable: 5' minimum offset

    Spacing between young trees based on size at maturity:
    Large Growing Trees 50' Ideal, 40' minimum
    Medium Growing Trees 40' Ideal, 30' minimum
    Low Growing Trees 30' Ideal, 25' minimum

    Species Restrictions
    There will be no use of fast-growing, brittle-wooded trees species in City Right-of-Ways. Experience has shown that these trees are sources of extraordinary storm damage and related maintenance problems. Specifically, the following species cannot be planted or allowed to exist as young individuals in City Right-of-Ways:

    Cottonwood - Populus deltoids
    Carolina Poplar - Populus Canadensis eugenei
    Species and Varieties of Weeping Willow - Salix alba tristis, ect.
    Black Willow - Salix nigra
    Silver Maple - Acer saccharinum
    Box elder - Acer negundo
    Tree of Heaven - Ailanthus altissima
    Any Coniferous species (evergreens)

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