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    Syracuse Economic Development Corporation

    Applications have concluded for Round 1. Please be on the lookout for updates on future rounds of funding.

    SEDCO ARPA Small Business Lending Programs 

    In order to help address the economic challenges and hardship experienced by the small business community in Syracuse since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, SEDCO is establishing new funding programs to provide financial support to small businesses: Micro-enterprise assistance, Small Business Assistance, and the Community Impact Fund. The goal of these programs is to enable Syracuse businesses to continue to operate and assist with pursuing new investment opportunities to adapt to the changing economic landscape. The programs are designed to promote local economic recovery, encourage consumer confidence and access local products and services provided by City businesses.

     Program Materials:

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    How to Apply:
    In order to seek funding through SEDCO, applicants must complete a two-step process.
    • STEP 1: All interested applicants will be required to fill out an initial "Intake Questionnaire Form".
    • STEP 2: Once the initial applicant information is completed, a City of Syracuse staff member will follow up in short order to speak with the applicant and assist with identifying which fund and corresponding application is best suited for their financial needs. The corresponding application template will then be shared and must be filled out and submitted with the supporting documents by the applicant. Please see the "Application Instructions" located in the FAQ document for more information.
    YouTube Tutorial Video: Click Here
    SEDCO has created a video tutorial to visually show and explain the application process. Please see the link above to access and watch the tutorial.

    Round 1 Information

    Fully completed applications and required supporting documentation can be submitted starting on Friday, December 3, 2021. Applications will be accepted through Friday, December 31, 2021 at 12:00 PM. Future funding rounds to accept new applications may be announced as long as funding remains available. Only fully completed applications with all supporting documentation will be considered.

    Please contact SEDCO with any questions by phone at 315-448-8100 or by email at




    SEDCO Loan Application Process

    Syracuse Economic Development Corporation (SEDCO) is a private not for profit local development corporation providing low cost, fixed asset financing for commercial businesses operating in the City of Syracuse. SEDCO loan proceeds may be used to finance a portion of the cost of the acquisition and rehabilitation of real property or purchases of machinery and equipment. Maximum loan amounts typically do not exceed $125,000.

    In order for your project to be considered for SEDCO financing, please contact Eric Ennis, Executive Director at 315-448-8100 
    or by email at 

    Board of Directors: Meetings are scheduled on an as needed basis
    Loan Committee Meetings: scheduled as needed prior to full Board Meeting
    Board of Directors: 
    Jennifer Tifft, President 
    Richard Driscoll, Vice President
    Sheena Solomon, Secretary
    Nicholas V. Petragnani, Jr., Treasurer
    Stephen Gross
    David Mankiewicz
    Michael Quigley
    Pastor Ashanti Dickerson
    Honorable Michael Greene
    Audit  Committee   Governance Committee Finance Committee           Loan Committee  
    • Richard Driscoll
    • David Mankiewicz
    • Jennifer Tifft, Ex Officio 

    • Richard Driscoll
    • Nicholas Petragnani
    • Jennifer Tifft, Ex Officio

    • Hon. Michael Greene
    • Sheena Solomon
    • Jennifer Tifft, Ex Officio


    • Stephen Gross
    • Michael Quigley
    • Sheena Solomon
    • Pastor Ashanti Dickerson
    • Jennifer Tifft, Ex Officio

    Eric Ennis (315) 448-8100
    City Hall Commons, 6th Floor
    201 East Washington Street
    Syracuse, New York 13202
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