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  • Senior Exemption

    What requirements must be met to receive the exemption?

    >Owners gross income (including Social Security) must be less than $37,400
    >Owners must be 65 years of age to receive the benefits of the exemption
    >The property must be the primary residence of the senior applicant
    >The senior must have owned the property for at least one year
    >Seniors must apply each year prior to January 1st
    >Each year the owners must provide proof of their prior year's income with their application

    Where does a property owner get the application?

    Applications are available at the City of Syracuse Department of Assessment - Room 130 at City Hall, and must be filed on or before Syracuse's taxable status date of January 1st.

    Renewal exemption applications are mailed to all seniors every September.

    What property taxes are affected by this exemption?

    The exemption applies to City, County, and School taxes (School taxes are not exempted if any children attending public school reside on the property).

    What are the income limits and exemption amounts?

    Annual Income
    Less than $29,000
    More than $29,001 But less than $30,000
    More than $30,001 But less than $31,000
    More than $31,001 But less than $32,000
    More than $32,001 But less than $32,900
    More than $32,901 But less than $33,800 25%
    More than $33,801 But less than $34,700 20%
    More than $34,701 But less than $35,600 15%
    More than $35,601 But less than $36,500 10%
    More than $36,501 But less than $37,400 5%
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