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  • Sidewalk Maintenance

    Steps, sidewalks, and similar areas must be kept in good repair and maintained to assure safe travel under normal use and weather conditions. 

    Failure to maintain the sidewalk in good repair may result in condemnation by the City. In this case, if repairs are not made by the property owner within the allotted time frame, the City will make the repairs and assess the cost to the property owner’s tax bill. To report the location of a dangerous sidewalk please call (315) 448-ClTY (2489).

    Concrete is the ONLY acceptable replacement sidewalk material. Asphalt, tarvia, blacktop are NOT allowed as a repair or replacement material for sidewalks in the City of Syracuse. Their use will result in a condemnation by the City. 

    Reasons for Sidewalk Condemnation 
    Sidewalk Condemnation FAQs 
    Sidewalk Construction Permit Application

    Repair and upkeep of sidewalks are the responsibility of each property owner. Sidewalk repairs must be paid for by the owner. Property owners who wish to have new sidewalks installed may use choose one of three options.

     • First, they can do the work themselves. They will need to apply for a Sidewalk Construction Permit   
     • Second they can choose to hire a contractor who will need to apply for the same Sidewalk Construction Permit   
     • The third option is to use the City’s Sidewalk Assessment Program, which allows them to pay for the cost of the sidewalk over a ten-year period, at an annual interest rate of approximately 7%. The City arranges for the construction. Sidewalks repaired under the Sidewalk Assessment Program are guaranteed for two years. To take advantage of this option, please contact the Chris Ettinger at (315) 448-8548 to schedule an appointment.  

    During winter months, please remember that your sidewalks must be kept clear of snow and ice. By ordinance, anyone with a sidewalk parallel to any public street, shall clear and keep cleared any snow or ice which has accumulated on the surface. This clearing of the snow and ice shall be completed by 6 p.m. of the day following the accumulation. No person shall shovel, sweep, throw, plow, or otherwise deposit snow or ice into the street, sidewalk, or park located within the city.

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