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    Syracuse Firsts

    1ST New York State Fair held on N. Salina Street in Syracuse. The New York State Fair is the longest running state fair in the country.

    1st Ferris wheel built in the United States. Built here in Syracuse for the New York State Fair by two Erie Canal workers.

    C. 1450
    1st formed-Iroquois Confederacy. Joined the Native American Nations of the Onondagas, Mohawks, Cayugas, Senecas, and Oneidas. Later the Tuscaroras were included.

    1st dental chair- invented by Milton Waldo Hanchett.

    1st plank road in the country-built between Syracuse and Central Square.

    1st Medical College in the U.S. to adopt co-education as a policy was a Syracuse Medical College. It opened with a group of female students in Brintnall's Hall on S. Warren Street. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th women ever to receive degrees of Doctor of Medicine in this country attended the school. The first, Elizabeth Blackwell, had her degree conferred by Geneva College, which later moved to Syracuse and changed its name to Syracuse University.

    1st wax business in the country was founded by Anton & Rosini Will. Later they opened Will & Baumer Candle Company in Liverpool.

    1st air-cooled engine in the world -designed for the Franklin automobile. The horseless carriage sold for $1200. It is in the Smithsonian Institute.

    1st loafer (shoe style) in the world-patented by the Nettleton Shoe Company in Syracuse.

    1st drive-in bank window [national]--at Merchants Bank,

    1st synthetic penicillin manufactured in the world-Bristol Laboratories, Syracuse.

    1st Brannock Device [foot measuring device used in shoe stores world-wide]-invented by Charles F. Brannock.