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  • Top Ten Questions

    1. What is the City's Population?
    Answer: 145,170

    2. What is the County's Population?
    Answer: 467,026

    3. What year was Syracuse established?
    Answer: 1848

    4. Who was the first Mayor of Syracuse?
    Answer: Harvey Baldwin

    5. Who is the largest employer in the City?
    Answer: SUNY Health Science Center

    6. How large is Syracuse?
    Answer: 25.7 square miles

    7. Where can I find out about civil service employment and exam listings?
    Answer: Onondaga County Civic Center Department of Personnel –13th Floor, 421 Montgomery St., Syracuse

    8. How much is the 2016-2017 Budget?
    Answer: City of Syracuse: $289,336,033
    Syracuse School District: $407,058,998
    Combined Total: $696,395,031

    9. How do I get a birth or death certificate?
    Answer: Onondaga County Bureau of Vital Statistics (315) 435-3241 or visit the web site for New York State Vital Records:  .

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