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  • Veterans Exemption

    What is the Veterans Exemption?

    This is a partial exemption, which is available on the primary residence of U.S. veterans who were honorably discharged.

    In order to apply for any Veterans Exemption, a form must be filed and we must see a copy of the veteran’s DD-214 discharge papers. Forms are available at our office or through the online link to the NYS Office of Real Property Services. 

    What are the amounts of the Veterans Exemption?

    This is a percentage exemption. Veterans receive 15%, those who served in a combat zone receive an additional 10%. Moreover, disabled veterans may receive up to one-half of their service-related disability rating as well.

    In addition, the City of Syracuse and the County of Onondaga have approved the new Cold War Veterans Exemption. 

    Which real property taxes are affected?

    The Veterans Exemption applies to City and County property taxes, but not to School taxes.

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