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  • The Parking Violations Bureau


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    The Parking Violations Bureau Bureau is responsible to conduct hearings to accept pleas and determine the disposition of contested Notices of Violations (tickets).   The City Payment Center is responsible for the collection of all monies and fines related to parking violations issued in the City of Syracuse, and to manage and store all records and data pertaining to parking violations. The City Payment Center is located at City Hall, 233 E. Washington St., Room 122, Syracuse, NY 13202.

    All parking tickets issued within the City of Syracuse must be paid or contested within twenty (20) calendar days of their date of issue, or a penalty will occur. Mail-in payments will be processed based on their US Postal Service postmark. All payments not made within the allotted time period will be subject to a late penalty.

    Mail-in payments may be made with a check or money order payable to Commissioner of Finance" and sent to the following address: P.O. Box 5211, Dept. 116019, Binghamton, NY 13902-5211. All mail-in payments over $100.00 should be in the form of a certified or bank check or money order. Multiple personal checks totaling over $100.00 and drawn off the same account will not be accepted.

    You may pay a parking ticket with a credit card or e-check online at You may pay a parking ticket with a credit card or e-check by phone at: 315-990-9200.

    Any individual who wishes to contest a Notice of Violation may do so by mailing the Notice of Violation with a brief and concise written defense to the Bureau. Mail written defenses to the 233 E. Washington Street address above.

    You may also request a live hearing by phone, video conference or in person, and you will be mailed the date and time that you must appear. A pool of qualified attorneys trained as parking violations hearing examiners will conduct mail and live hearings. For mail hearings, the disposition of contested Notice of Violations, as determined by the hearing examiner, will be mailed to you.

    In accordance with NY State law and local ordinances, parking tickets must be contested within 90 days of their issuance. Tickets older than 90 days old are not eligible for dispute within the Parking Violations Bureau.

    The Parking Ticket Collection Bureau can be reached at (315) 479-5300 or E-mail us at

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