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    The park is bounded by S. Avery Avenue, Tompkins Street, and Salisbury Road.




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    James Pass Arboretum was donated to the City of Syracuse on Arbor Day, 1925, by Adelaide Pass in memory of her late husband James Pass. The 13.8 acre plot is at the City's west edge. Adelaide intended that her gift be used as a "scientifically managed collection of trees and schrubs able to survive the climate in Central New York." With this in mind, the Syracuse Parks Department and the State College of Environmental Science and Forestry designed the Arboretum.

    The original site design consisted of a long drive between two formal gates, with a pond at the northeast corner of the property. Trees and shrubs were planted on either side of the drive and on the western hillside, and a shrub collection was along the Tompkins Street frontage. Most of this work took place in 1927. Final grading and planting was completed by the Parks Department in 1935.

    At present, features, including the gardener's house, the shrub collection, and the pond no longer exist. However, many of the primary site elements from the original design remain intact. Today, James Pass Arboretum serves as a special collection of trees and a place of solitude where people can come to learn or come to relax.

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