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  • Community Parks: Community Parks range from 15-75 acres in size and are used by residents beyond the adjacent neighborhoods. These parks usually contain a major facility complex and a significant green space. Community Parks in the City of Syracuse include: Burnet Park , Elmwood Park , Kirk Park, Meachem Field/Valley Pool, Onondaga Park Lower , Onondaga Park Upper , Schiller Park, Sunnycrest Park , and Thornden Park .

    Neighborhood Parks and Centers: Neighborhood Parks are usually 2-14 acres in size, with limited use to the surrounding neighborhoods. Some of these parks contain recreational facilities and small green spaces. Neighborhood Parks in the City of Syracuse include: Barry Park , Cannon St. Park, Castle and State Playground (Libba Cotten Project) , Robert Cecile Center, Comfort Tyler Park , Cummings Field , Frazer Park , Jubilee Park , Homer Wheaton Park , Huntington Park, Lewis Park , Lincoln Park , Loguen Park , McChesney Park , McKinley Park , Norwood Park, Roesler Park , Skiddy (West End) Park , Ormond Spencer Park, Spirit of Jubilee Park , Wadsworth Park , Washington Square Park , Westmoreland Park , White Oaks Park , and Wilson Park .

    Playlots, Fields, and Courts: The size and service areas of playlots, fields, and courts usually vary. These areas typically contain play equipment and different athletic fields for active recreation. Playlots, fields, and courts in the City of Syracuse include: Baker Playground, Clark Fields, Clinton Playlot, Grace & Messina Playscape, Highland Park, Onondaga-Geddes Playground, Porter Playscape, Sheridan Playground, Sherman Field, Shonnard Playscape, Union Park, Valley Playground, and Van Duyn Field.

    Downtown Parks: The size of each of the downtown parks varies, and the service radius generally includes the central business district. These areas contain passive recreational, civic, cultural, and historic elements. Downtown Parks in the City of Syracuse include: Armory Square , Billings Park , Bruce Park, City Place, Clinton Square, Fayette Firefighter's Memorial Park , Forman Park , Franklin Square Park , Genesee-Townsend Plaza, Hanover Square , Lincoln Plaza, Perseverance Park, Pitts Park, Plum Street Circle, Columbus/St. Mary's Circle , and Vanderbilt Square.

    Open Space Areas and Cemeteries: The size and service radius of open space areas varies. These areas are mostly used for passive recreation and to improve the overall character of the surrounding neighborhoods. Open space areas and cemeteries that the Department is responsible for include: First Ward Cemetery, Burlingham Park (Formerly Gray Ave Park), Leavenworth Park, Lodi Cemetery, Onondaga Creek Boulevard, Pass Arboretum, and Rose Hill Cemetery.

    Natural Areas : The size and service radius of natural areas varies. These areas are usually undeveloped containing natural forested or open green space. These areas are intended for passive recreational use. Natural areas in the City of Syracuse include: Heath (Conifer) Park, Meachem Parkway, Morningside Heights Park, Rand Tract (Webster Pond) , and Westminster Park.

    Medians and Traffic Islands: Medians and traffic islands usually are less than one acre in size. They are highly developed areas that have visual, civic, cultural, and historical importance. Streets, houses, or commercial properties usually border these areas. The Parks Department maintains approximately 90 medians or traffic islands within the City.

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