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  • Syracuse Water Facts
    Since 1894, the primary water supply for the City of Syracuse has been Skaneateles Lake, a “Finger Lake” located approximately 20 miles southwest of the City.
    Skaneateles Lake is approximately 15 miles long and one mile wide with a maximum depth of 300 feet. Skaneateles Lake has a relatively small watershed of 59 square miles and a water surface area of 13.6 square miles. In 2012, an average of 15.83 million gallons per day (MGD) was released at the outlet of Skaneateles Lake to control lake level and maintain Skaneateles Creek flow at or above the minimum required flow.
    The City of Syracuse received a filtration waiver in June 2004. Our filtration waiver will remain in effect indefinitely as long as the City maintains its excellent watershed protection programs and Skaneateles Lake water continues to be of exceptionally high quality. This is one of the few large system surface water supplies in the country that is approved as an unfiltered water supply. The high quality of this water is due to: the shape and size characteristics of the lake and watershed, the fact that sewage discharges (including from sewage treatment plants) are not allowed into surface waters in the Skaneateles Lake watershed, the efforts of the City of Syracuse’s watershed protection program, and to the stewardship of residents and landowners of the watershed.
    The Syracuse water system is made up of over 500 miles of pipelines to deliver water from Skaneateles Lake to the City and to distribute the water throughout the City. The water supply system consists of water storage in Woodland and Westcott Reservoirs on the west side of the City.  Water is also stored in two standpipes and in the three tanks that comprise Morningside Reservoir.
    During 2012, the total amount of water entering the City of Syracuse water system was 12,590 million gallons (34.399 MGD). 12,879 million gallons (35.299 MGD) was withdrawn from Skaneateles Lake and 36.60 million gallons (0.100 MGD) came from Lake Ontario (Metropolitan Water Board). Water customers were billed for 5,781 million gallons (15.926 MGD) leaving 6,809 million gallons (18.76 MGD) for firefighting purposes, street sweeping, construction, water main flushing and sewer flushing, water main repairs, and distribution system leaks.
    The City of Syracuse continues to have some of the lowest water rates in New York State. Under current water rates the basic price of water is $2.91 per 100 cubic feet. Non-City customers pay a higher rate of $4.37 per 100 cubic feet. Customers using less than 1,300 cubic feet per quarter (or 9,724 gallons per quarter) will be billed a minimum charge of $37.83 per quarter per unit for water.
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